Counties and Social Services

    When it comes to serving county governments and social services agencies, no one knows electronic document management like RMMI. Our team has extensive experience navigating the seemingly endless stacks of paper files (and rooms full of cabinets to store them) that characterize so many county departments and quasigovernmental offices. Let us help you reclaim your space by keeping your government documents safe, secure, and instantly accessible at the touch of a button.

    Current Clients

    Please contact us for references: info@rmm-i.com

    Industry Specific Projects

    Human Services Records

    • Area Agency on Aging
    • Adult Long Term Care
    • Veterans Administration
    • Medical Transportation
    • Food Stamps
    • Jobs
    • Board Reports
    • Administration
    • Child Care
    • Child Welfare
    • Child Support Reports
    • Community Services Block Grants

    Human Resources

    • Personnel
    • Job Postings
    • Applications
    • Payroll
    • I-9s, W-4s, W-2s
    • Workers Compensation
    • Employee Health


    • Accounts Payable
    • Journal Entries
    • W-9
    • Activity Funds
    • Audits / Financial Reports
    • Drawings and Plans (includes large-scale drawings)