Who We Are

    Vision Statement

    Our vision is to be a strong, growing and respected electronic document management firm known for its high standards, its expertise in the industry and its commitment to the clients it serves and the community in which it lives.

    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to provide value to our clients by delivering high-quality electronic document management solutions and do so in a way that enables our employees to be recognized and rewarded for their contribution.

    Core Values

    Family first

    Above all else, family matters come first. Team members will be devoted to RMMI when they are confident that their family is taken care of.

    Integrity / Honesty / Credibility

    Conduct yourself with honesty and integrity. It creates endless credibility.

    Healthy work environment

    Where communication, respect, a professional attitude and a sense of team is evident.

    Commitment to growth

    We are committed to the growth of RMMI, our collective expertise, and each individual’s development.

    Customer service (with confidentiality)

    We will provide for our clients a level of customer service that exceeds their expectations, and with great confidence their information is secure.

    Commitment to the community

    We as individuals and as a company have the motivation, knowledge and the ability to actively participate in our community. In addition we respect our environment and conserve wherever possible.

    Quality product

    All we produce will have the highest quality and meets RMMI’s and the customer’s expectation.


    Rocky Mountain Microfilm and Imaging was founded in 1996 by Roger and Shirley Gudenkauf when they purchased the Denver operations of Mountain Microfilm. Starting with two scanners and a few small customers, RMMI has since become a multifaceted document conversion, storage, and management company providing services to a diverse set of clients in Colorado, Kansas, and Wyoming.

    Over the years, RMMI has grown into a well-respected, leading organization within the electronic document management industry. Now owned by Michael Gudenkauf and Mary Gudenkauf Miller, and having merged with Mountain Microfilm, RMMI continues to be known for honesty and integrity, our high quality of service, and for treating each customer with courtesy and respect. Our success is the result of these principles as well as the imagination, talent, and just plain hard work of our employees.

    Our purpose is to succeed as a company by succeeding for our customers—a goal which we measure in two ways: financial strength, which enables us to endure and customer satisfaction, which we strive to achieve every day.