What We Do

    Have you ever spent hours looking for a file? RMMI’s digital document solutions can optimize your office so that documents are always at your fingertips, available in seconds, securely stored, and never misfiled!


    RMMI’s document scanning service converts paper files, maps and other large-scale documents, bound books, microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards to a digital image format. We then index the images according to unique, customized search design and specifications. We know each and every job is unique and every document is important. Every new project is carefully analyzed with the client to make sure the end product is exactly what the they need and nothing more. Each document scanning solution goes through RMMI’s rigorous quality control steps to ensure the highest degree of image usability and accurate indexing. Our ultimate goal is to do it right every time.

    Document Management

    A good electronic document management system that helps you find information quickly is essential for efficiency, but safe and secure document storage is vital for control and compliance. RMMI’s document management software is safe and protected—plus it’s a snap to use and easy to manage.

    Forms Processing

    A well-designed electronic form, combined with a thorough forms workflow management system, will save any business significant forms processing hours by eliminating manual work. RMMI has several electronic forms processing solutions, including Formatta from Access and Frevvo Live-forms.

    Our design engineers, working with the end user/client, can put an effective forms processing solution into use quickly. Then, a tie with PaperVision and/or ImageSilo at the end of the process means completed forms are securely stored in the same system as scanned documents!

    Digital Workflow

    Rather than shuffle paper from one knowledge worker to another, which guarantees delays and risking lost documents (and revenue), let RMMI’s PaperVision document management system manage the workflow for you. Routing documents electronically ensures that review and decisions are consistent and timely—every time. Free up time to focus on your most important documents by automating the document workflow routine.

    Improved Security

    Have you ever wondered who has looked at a document and when? Manually keeping track of access to secure documents will never be as reliable as an electronic document management system. With RMMI, your documents are safe and sound—plus you always have an audit trail, which is essential for compliance!