It’s peach time again!

An important tradition at Rocky Mountain Microfilm and Imaging – to show our appreciation for our valued customers – is to give each of you a box of fresh picked Palisades’ peaches!  These phenomenal taste delights will be delivered in person on Thursday and Friday, August 27th and August 28th.  We look forward to seeing all of you on one of those two days!

More regarding these Palisades’ peaches and this RMMI tradition …

1.  Our founder, Roger Gudenkauf, sells peaches each year as a fund-raiser for his Adams County-based not-for-profit organization, Neighborhood Action Group.  If you or anyone in your organization would like to order a box, please go to http://www.nagdenver.com/peaches.html.  The deadline to order is August 14st, 2015.  Purchased peaches may be picked up at RMMI or delivered. (Please put in the contact name the Company they need to be delivered to.)

Peach prices are $35 for a large case (18 pounds or about 31 peaches) and $25 for a regular case (10 pounds or around 20 peaches).

All proceeds go to benefit Neighborhood Action Group programs, which are specifically directed towards Adams County youth.

2.  RMMI hosts a Peach Party each year on the date peaches are delivered by our Palisades grower.  This year the Peach Party will be held Wednesday, August 15th, from 5:00 pm to7:00 pm.  Roger will cook a pig and we will serve pulled pork sandwiches and peach daiquiris.  Those interested may bring a dish to share.

The location of the Peach Party is still to be determined, but it will be held close to the RMMI office.  You may pick up your purchased peaches at the Peach Party.

If you wish to come to the Peach Party, please RSVP to Mary@rmm-i.com by August 10th, 2015.