Commercial Scanning & Digitizing Services

RMMI’s document scanning service converts paper files, maps and other large-scale documents, bound books, microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards to a digital image format. We then index the images according to unique, customized search design and specifications. We know each and every job is unique and every document is important. Every new project is carefully analyzed with the client to make sure the end product is exactly what the they need and nothing more. Each document scanning solution goes through RMMI’s rigorous quality control steps to ensure the highest degree of image usability and accurate indexing. Our ultimate goal is to do it right every time.

RMMI - Digital Document Solutions - Scanning


Paper Document
Conversions to Digital

Any size, any condition, and organized in any fashion. Our digital images are only as good as the original source, however once we organize it for you, these documents become securely meaningful. Either get a PDF back, or get our version of a digital filing cabinet.

Microfilm, Microfiche, Aperture Cards
Conversions to Digital

It doesn’t matter what is on these rolls or sheets, we can capture it into a digital image for future secure storage.

Conversions to Digital

Old historical books of any age or size, we can make digital images of each page so these can be forever remembered.

Large Scale Maps
& Blue Prints

Construction Blue Prints, Electrical plans, Engineering plans, underground water lines, surveyed land, or any other large scale map, can be brought back to a digital version by utilizing us to digitize these on some of the best equipment in the state.


Anything you could imagine in the digital document management world, we could probably make it happen. We’d love to make your life easier.

RMMI - Digital Document Solutions - Scanning


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