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Let technology work for you! We’ll listen to your needs and customize a solution for you. At RMMI, our team will always strive to provide the level of service that is simple, sensible, and secure. Whatever you can do with paper, we can do better in our digital space!

RMMI - Digital Document Solutions - Scanning


Data conversions, Automated
Extractions, Content Migration

Any past data that needs a new twist or needs to be organized in your current business application? Automated solutions with a data driven business foundation. You need to be innovative in this ever changing world!


When you dream big, a customized solution to your daily needs, would be genius. Allow our team to spend quality time with you to discuss all moving parts needed in the process, and then let us connect technology with your ultimate vision.

Convert & Assist with Retiring
Old Legacy Applications

Old legacy applications slowing you down? Allow our experts to evaluate your needs.

Customize Integration Tool to
Communicate with Existing Databases

Did you ever want to type information only once in one application and automatically communicate with another data entry application? Allow us to discuss how it works.


When it comes to back-ups, security, redundancies, and a host of other hosted offerings, allow us to provide our industry knowledge when taking your records management responsibilities into the digital world.

Consulting for Any Aspect
in Your Records Management

It doesn’t matter what stage of storage your irreplaceable documents are in, we can show you a better more secure way, which gives you immediate ROI in the case of a disaster.

RMMI - Digital Document Solutions - Scanning


RMMI - Digital Document Solutions - Scanning


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