New Website and User Experience

As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, we have rolled out our newly redesigned website.  This project has been months in the making and includes some changes and enhancements that we’re pretty excited about.

  • The first major change is the way the client portal acts – the updated PaperVision Site is now the default user interface.  The updated GUI includes a lot of enhancements that we hope will improve your experience and make you even more efficient.  If you or your users need a little extra time to make this transition, the old interface is still available as an option and will remain so for the next few months.
  • We’ve also introduced a new Knowledge Base that includes many ‘how-to-guides’ on performing various tasks in PaperVision.  This library will continue to grow as we create new content and video guides – if you have any suggestions for guides you would like to see, please email us at
  • Our new Industry Specific Library contains links to many policies and laws that affect the retention of your documents.  We’ve also included case studies that highlight some of our past successes.  These are all great resources as you plan the next phase of your document management strategies.
  • Finally, we hope you take a minute to check our our new Meet Our Family page.  Here you’ll find up to date photos and bios of our management team.  Some of us here in the office don’t get the privilege of meeting you all face-to-face and we hope this page helps you to feel more connected to our entire support team.

From all of us here at RMMI – Thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve you!  We hope these changes to our website make it even more useful and relevant for you – if you have any suggestions on how we can continue to improve, please email us at

Changes to Support Terms

December 12, 2017

To our valued customers,

This past year has brought some exciting changes here at RMMI.  Our hosted PaperVision Enterprise and Capture Scanning solutions have been a huge success, we’ve added some amazing new software that allow us to integrate with your existing applications, and we’ve partnered with an E-Forms software manufacturer to provide a hosted version of their product.  We expect that these solutions will continue to evolve in the coming year and we’re very excited for the opportunity to continue to provide you with the best cutting-edge technology solutions available.

Exceptional customer support has always been one of our core values here at RMMI, and we believe that the time we spend with our clients is one of the biggest reasons for our success.  Along with all of the changes to our software portfolio, we’ve also been working diligently to make sure that our support team and infrastructure is up to the challenge of the increased workload.  Early in 2017 we implemented a support ‘ticketing system’ and knowledge base that allows us to track and monitor support requests.  This system also allows you to provide feedback to our support team – If we’re doing a great job, we would love to hear from you; if we could have done better, we need to hear from you so that we can get it right next time.  Once we were able to track the number of support requests we were receiving it became apparent that we were in need of an additional technician, so in October of 2017 we added an additional full-time Technology Support Specialist to our team.  We’re always looking for ways we can provide added-value to our clients and our support goals for 2018 include expanding our online knowledge base, adding training and reference materials, and conducting regular webinars showcasing different features of our software.  These additions are being driving by customer feedback, so if you have any other suggestions on ways we can improve our service, please let us know.

The changes to our support team have necessitated a slight change to our support terms.  Our support has always been included at no charge, and it is our goal to continue this policy wherever it is feasible; however, we have had an increasing number of support tickets arising from issues that are completely out of our control.  In order to continue to provide our clients with the best possible support we are implementing the following changes to our support billing for 2018:

  • No charges will be incurred for any issues related to software bugs, hosting configuration or outages, server or project miss-configuration, or errors made by RMMI personnel.
  • Issues related to workstation miss-configuration, hardware replacement or refreshes, user error, or environmental variables outside of RMMI’s control will be billed in 15 minute increments at the prevailing service rate.

In order to facilitate this change, we are requesting that you provide a list of your end-users who are authorized to initiate a billable support ticket as well as a list of supervisors.  In the event that a non-authorized end-user requests support that could incur charges, we will reach out to a supervisor for approval before proceeding.  (Non-billable tickets will be accepted from any end-user).  Please Click Here to review the new Service Level Agreement and provide your user lists.  In order to ensure that there is no disruption to your support, please complete this form by January 1st 2018.  The SLA is also posted on the support page of our website:

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please contact your sales representative.

We look forward to continuing to serve you and the opportunities that 2018 is going to bring.

Rick Harper – Directory of Technology