Daniel Henley

RMMI would like to introduce Daniel Henley, our newest addition to the team. Daniel was born and raised in Denver and received his BA in Information Technology from Colorado Technical University in 2012. He has lived in Denver pretty much his whole life outside of some vacations, and enjoys the natural beauty as well as the overall climate of Colorado very much. In his free time, Daniel enjoys following sports everything from baseball to English Premier League soccer. He also enjoys TV shows such as Game of Thrones (Yes Winter is Here), Justified, The League, The Shield, Rescue Me, You’re the Worst, The Man in the High Castle, any of the Philip K. Dick novel based television and movies like A Scanner Darkly strictly because of the use of rotoscoping (An animation technique used by animators to trace over motion picture footage). At RMMI Daniel will be helping with a lot of our incoming support tickets and calls, along with helping in any way possible in terms of networking, and any other areas to help out the RMMI team.