Mary Miller

Mary Miller has been with RMMI since 1998 and is part owner of this amazing family owned and operated company. She did venture away for a short 4 years where she worked for Verizon and learned many valuable traits as a customer service representative and inventory specialist. She married her husband, Bret, in 2006 and has two children together. Mary loves being a mother and enjoys baking, running, hiking, golfing, and assisting with her busy kids sport schedules. Here at RMMI, Mary plays a valuable role as the company continues to grow. She has experience at every level inside RMMI and embraces the challenge of her inconsistent role as the Director of Special Projects. She loves training clients, interacting with them, taking on challenging unique projects, and preforming spontaneous tasks. A fun fact about Mary Miller is that she shares the same birthday as her sister who is 10 year older.