PaperVision ‘Classic’ Interface is going away

In April of 2018 we announced the new version of the PaperVision interface and began conducting end-user testing of the new website. In March of this year we made the new website the default user interface for our hosted PaperVision service. We hope that you’ve all taken the time to check out the updated PaperVision interface, which offers many improvements over the legacy ‘classic’ interface that we believe will enhance your overall PaperVision Experience.

In order to preserve certain legacy integrations, we’ve been maintaining both versions of the PaperVision website for the last 18 months; however, the time has come to retire the old site to make way for new features and enhanced performance. The last day for the ‘classic’ PaperVision website will be November 30th.

We know there are still a few of you using the legacy interface and we encourage you to take the next month to make the transition to the new website. If you have any questions or concerns about this move, or if you want to set up a time to train your staff on the new interface, please contact us at