Mitchell Marben

Mitchell Marben grew up in a small town near the Southside of Chicago and got his BA in Criminal Justice and Criminology with a minor in Sociology and Counseling Psychology.  In his spare time, Mitchell enjoys acting like a kid with his kids, live sports, live music, live comedy, house renovations, and most importantly helping others.  Mitchell started off his career in the Property Management Industry (multi-family apartment homes) where he oversaw operations for multimillion dollar assets and was part of the national companywide rollout of a new hire recruitment program. He discovered that the best way to analyze any company’s struggle is looking within the individual strengths of personnel and realigning their natural gifts with work performed. With 9 successful years of Corporate America experience, Mitchell has seen numerous operational and marketing challenges, forcing him to implement innovative solutions. Mitchell is now the Director of Sales and Marketing at RMMI since joining in December of 2016. He has a client focused approach to doing business and is always willing to give a needed hug.