Exciting New Upgrades to PaperVision Enterprise

We’re excited to announce that PaperVision Enterprise ver. R84 has been made available for widespread use.  The R84 release includes some exciting changes and enhancements, including:

  • A fully redesigned user interface
  • The ability for end users to request password resets
  • An updated and improved PaperVision Assistant (replaces the old Web Assistant)
  • The introduction of a ‘Quick Search’ function to make searches across multiple projects much simpler
  • The brand new PaperVision Client – a lightweight installed application that offers a new way to search for and access your documents
  • Many other improvements ‘under the hood’ to ensure that your documents are safe and secure.

The standard PaperVision by RMMI site will continue to use the old style web interface for now but if you would like to check out the new version it’s available as a separate site:

PaperVision by RMMI R84 Preview 

Your normal login will work and you’ll have access to all of the same documents you have at the main site.  You will need version R81 or newer of the PaperVision Web Assistant in order to utilize the new site.


Digitech has put together a ‘Quick Reference Guide’ going over some of the changes, you can view it here:

PaperVision Enterprise R84 Quick Reference Guide


In the coming months we’ll be releasing more information and training about the new features, but we would love to hear your initial impressions.  Please submit any issues, concerns, or questions about the new site to support@rmm-i.com.