Ratchet-X with the new CBMS

As I’m sure you all know, the state is rolling out a completely re-designed version of CBMS this weekend that’s based on the Sales Force platform. This change is going to significantly impact the way your Ratchet-X integrations work, as many of the existing actions are keyed to the old version of CBMS.

RMMI has been working diligently over the past few weeks to prepare for this transition; however, due to the limited functionality available on the new CBMS platform to test with, there may be some integration functions that are not immediately available.

We’re also taking this transition opportunity to correct a few issues and glitches that have come up with Ratchet-X since the state has started to roll out Windows 10 to some of your users. This is going to involve installing an upgrade to the Ratchet-X program on each end-user’s workstation along with a small script that allows Ratchet-X to work with the Chrome browser. We will be distributing customized installers within the next few days, but if you have any questions please contact our support team.


Ratchet-X Training

We have put together the following training videos to help prepare all of your technicians. We didn’t want to add to the chaos of what’s sure to be a ‘bumpy’ transition week, so we felt it was best to record these sessions so that your users could watch them as they have time. If any of you feel the need for a live webinar training session we would be more than happy to set that up for you.

Part 1 – Entering PaperVision Credentials

Download DHS Ratchet-X Training Part 1

Part 2 – Logging into PaperVision using Ratchet-X

Download DHS Ratchet-X Training Part 2

Part 3 – ‘Jumping’ from PaperVision to CBMS

Download DHS Ratchet-X Training Part 3

Part 4 – ‘Jumping’ from CBMS to PaperVision

Download DHS Ratchet-X Training Part 4

Part 5 – PaperVision Tools Match-and-Merge

Download DHS Ratchet-X Training Part 5